The year in brief

Navigating stormy routes with confidence


The year 2023 was both challenging and momentous. Global political and economic challenges created uncertainty but also called on us to be innovative.


Global political tensions and economic volatility cast a dark cloud over the past year. Rising interest rates and inflation had a far-reaching impact on the global economy, including the transport industry. Amidst the uncertainty, forecasts were shortlived, forcing us to adapt to the quickly changing circumstances.


Despite the challenges, Ahola Group continued to do good work. We have always worked to stay one step ahead, to predict market changes and to adapt to them. Although we faced many challenges, our commitment to sustainable development and the well-being of our personnel became stronger. This approach helped us navigate through the year and highlighted our company’s strengths.


Focus on our personnel’s well-being


Ahola Group’s strength lies in its people. Our employees are at the heart of our operations, which is why we want to continuously improve their working conditions. It is also important for us that our employees feel they are heard. Last year, we built comfortable staff facilities at the Trucker’s Village in Naantali, taking into account our drivers’ wishes in the design.


Focusing on our personnel is a core part of our company’s sustainability strategy. We want to be an encouraging workplace that offers a pleasant work environment and possibilities for professional development. During the year, we looked into the kind of expertise our organisation has already mastered and what skills we will need in the future. We are committed to supporting the career development of our employees by offering a broad spectrum of training opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that each Ahola Group employee can grow and develop as they choose, at the same time reinforcing our ability to meet current and future challenges.


Leaping into the green transition


2023 meant a significant forward leap for Ahola Group in terms of sustainable development when our commitment to environmental ways of working received gained new momentum. Our goal of reducing our carbon footprint and advancing the eco-friendliness of the transport industry showed We have always worked to stay one step ahead, to predict market » changes and to adapt to them. up in a number of areas: we invested in new, low-emission transport equipment and developed technological solutions that make our transports even more energy efficient.


The year was significant especially for Ahola Transport, which stood out positively with regard to the green transition. The adoption of the next generation eTrailer is evidence of our commitment to environmental responsibility and our customers’ growing expectations. During the year we also noticed our customers’ significantly growing interest in environmental solutions. This reinforced our belief that we are on the right path.


At Ahola Special, we’ve undertaken development work in emissions measurement, with the aim to launch a reporting system in 2024 that reflects actual emissions. The Ahola Engineering service, introduced in 2023, has received a positive response. This service allows special transport experts to contribute during the pre-planning phase of projects and construction sites. Such early involvement can lead to reduced earthworks and tree removal, thereby diminishing the environmental impact.


We have always worked to stay one step ahead, to predict market changes and to adapt to them.