Why choose Ahola?

We guarantee that your transport will arrive at its destination exceptionally quickly and flexibly and with respect for the environment. If we do not find an optimal solution, we will develop one ourselves.


AHOLA POINTS THE WAY forward in logistics. We have been using digitalisation since the 1990s to optimise transports and reduce emissions. Our digital solutions benefit our customers from the transport planning phase to the delivery’s final destination.


Our values guide our operations


People, innovations and the environment are at the heart of everything we do. As a company and as a family, we want to leave subsequent generations a better world than the one we were born in. We assume total responsibility for your transports and we do what we have agreed on. Communicating with us is open and direct. We respect everyone’s contribution to a successful delivery.


Our solution for your transport needs


Ahola Transport will ensure that your road transport reaches its destination reliably and cost-effectively. Our way of working is based on our digital Ahola Online concept, which allows us to provide exceptional flexibility and speed in our transports.

Ahola Special is your safe and expert partner for special transports. Our core competence is heavy and oversized transports, project logistics and wind power logistics. We transport, consult, obtain transport permits and plan routes. We see the big picture and identify in advance the critical details of your projects.

Ahola Digital’s unique cloud services offer solutions for controlling logistics flows – of both passengers and goods. They make managing and monitoring your transports simple, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


We take care of you


Our starting point is to make your work easier. Our processes are controlled, and goods handling is minimised, which means your transports arrive at their destination cost-effectively and safely. You will be assigned a dedicated contact person who will co-ordinate your transport with you. A dedicated team that speaks your language plans the transportation and ensures that it reaches its destination.

You will also have access to a customer portal that contains complete data and statistics about your transport, such as emissions figures, delivery-specific emissions reports and the possibility of live delivery monitoring. You can also share the live monitoring link with your customers.


Ahola’s values



We agree on what is to be done and do as we have agreed.


We talk with people, not about them. If we can’t keep our promises, we immediately inform all parties concerned.


We believe in equality among all people. We all have different jobs, but the overall effort is the result of each and everyone’s contribution. Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in their work



HEAD OFFICE: KOKKOLA +358 20 7475 111 Indolantie 33 67701 Kokkola

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