Ahola Digital sharpens its strategy

Ahola Digital’s role as an enabler of Ahola’s growth strengthened in 2022. At the same time, Digital continued to develop its own products.


WE SHARPENED AHOLA DIGITAL’S strategy as an enabler of the Group’s growth in 2022. In the Digital Road segment, our focus is on serving the Group’s internal ecosystem and core businesses. Our City segment targets growth in both Finland and Sweden.


Supporting the Group’s growth

Last year, Ahola Transport secured a major contract with Scania for handling their inbound logistics. For this contract, we implemented the requirements for the operational system and ensured the digital tools needed to optimise warehouse management.

With respect to Ahola Special, Ahola Digital’s efforts showed last year in new project management tools. We implemented a tool that would allow route planning with 3D point cloud scanning using drones. The method enables extremely precise data on routes. This boosts the operations of Ahola Special and helps them serve customers even better and more economically.


City continued to grow

ATOS City is a digital tool produced by us for enhancing the efficiency of passenger and small goods transports. We continued to grow our volumes in this segment in the Finnish market.

Taksi Helsinki multiplies our agreement many times over, and we are launching goods transport in the taxi market in Kymenlaakso. Our co-operation with Päijät-Häme continued. The new agreements will quadruple the number of rides in 2023.

We have also studied the Swedish market and will try to grow our market share there as well.


Information security is part of our strategy

Cyber-security has become an important theme and has started to show also in quotation requests in the public sector. Information security is an important part of our strategy, and its importance has grown, particularly in the City segment, in which patient data is processed.

In addition to our ISO 27001 information security certification, we continuously develop our information security. We provide regular training for our personnel, and we ensure that information security is part of our company’s strategy and that controls are integrated into our processes.


Emissions measuring is part of our service promise

Ahola Group wants to be a forerunner in the green transition, and we play an important role in ensuring the transition. We operate on the principle that more efficient driving equals lower emissions. Driving a truck that is only partially loaded means higher emissions for the freight owner.

In both the Transport and Special business divisions, emission measurements and reporting are part of our service promise. We are the only operator in Finland that can report on actual emissions in real time and by freight owner.

We are also launching a project with Fintraffic that will enable operational and vehicular data to be reported to a common platform. Our goal is for emissions reporting to become standard in the industry.


Taksi Helsinki multiplies our agreement many times over, and we are launching goods transport in the taxi market in Kymenlaakso.