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About Ahola Group

Ahola is a family business that has, since its establishment in 1955, grown into a logistics group with an international scope of services. We are a reliable, modern logistics expert supporting sustainable development.


Ahola Group consists of the parent company Oy Ahola Group Ab, and the subsidiaries Ahola Transport, a specialist in road transportation, Ahola Special, operating in heavy and oversized transports, and Ahola Digital, a supplier of digital logistics solutions. We serve our clients in the Nordics, Baltics, Poland, and elsewhere in central and eastern Europe. Our wide partner network enables extensive contacts throughout Europe.

Our aim is to extend the monitoring of sustainability topics to the supply chain. - Ida Saavalainen, Group CEO


Our company has been integrating sustainability into our operations for several decades. Sustainability is a fundamental part of Ahola group’s strategy, and we are committed to being responsible in everything we do. Our daily choices, development work, and care for both the environment and personnel all reflect this intrinsic value. We have been investing in environmental initiatives since the mid-1990s.


Our goal is to develop sustainability work in our group in a long-term and systematic manner. To this end, we established a Sustainability Forum last year. As a result, we compiled our first sustainability report.


At the heart of our operations lies our commitment to holistic environmental efficiency. Among business operations, emissions have the most significant impact on the environment. As a result, we endeavor to reduce emissions through various means. We have developed digital tools that enable us to measure and report our emission targets. Going forward, we plan to improve and broaden our monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions across the entire group.


The coming years will radically transform the entire transport industry towards a green transition. At Ahola, we want to be a pioneer in this regard.


Ahola sustainability vision

Sustainability in Ahola

At Ahola Group, responsibility is integrated into everything we do. It is an intrinsic part of our daily choices, in the direction of our development work and in how we take care of both the environment and personnel.



1. Sustainability management

At Ahola Group, responsibility permeates all aspects of our operations, including daily choices and care for the environment and personnel. Sustainability remains a focal point in our meetings, with regular discussions held by Group Management and the Board of Directors.


A dedicated sustainability forum was established in 2022, bringing together employees from every segment to address material topics and impact management. Third-party training ensures management-level understanding of sustainability, enabling informed policy, strategy, and objective decisions. Business segments implement strategic decisions based on the Group-wide strategy, with progress monitored through data collection. Ahola’s owners and Board of Directors lead sustainability direction and decision-making.


2. Sustainability strategy
Ahola Group is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and respects the UN Global Compact. We value respecting individuals, open operations, and shared actions. Our sustainability work focuses on specific goals in environment, social, and governance areas. Our management actively participates in developing and executing our sustainability strategy based on operational environment analysis and dialogue with key stakeholders. We will continue sustainability work and integrate it into our strategies and policies in 2023.


3. Policies to Govern our daily work

Our policies ensure a moral code for employees and accountability for stakeholders. They include ethical rules against corruption, bribery, and anti-competitive behavior, and guidance on information processing and gift giving. We also have policies on equality, employee rights, safe work environments, and information security. Our policies are regularly approved and reviewed by management and the Board of Directors. Ahola Green is our environmental program.


4. Our stakeholders

We prioritize stakeholder input on our sustainability efforts and operations. This includes regular engagement with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure profitable and environmentally/socially conscious services.


Our employees, managers, and owners are privy to our holistic sustainability approach, while external stakeholders like suppliers, society, government, creditors, and customers have their unique sustainability demands, which we strive to address.


5. Materiality assessment

Ahola Group operates in the transport and digital logistics industry, which drives our material impacts on the environment, people, and governance. Our operational environment analysis is integral to our strategic and continuous improvement efforts.

Our sustainability materiality approach prioritizes risks and impacts of our operations, mitigating negative impacts and amplifying positive ones. We review the effects of our operations on environmental, social, and governance issues annually as part of our overall strategy assessment. Sustainability risks and opportunities are assessed regularly as an integral part of our risk processes and company strategy across all business segments.


Our Sustainability Program

Ahola sustainability: Environment, Social, Gorvernance



At Ahola, our sustainability efforts are focused around three key areas: environment, social, and governance. We have set specific goals within each of these areas to guide our actions.



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Environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainability
Social sustainability
Social Sustainability
Governance Sustainability

Ahola sustainability efforts

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Ahola Sustainability People


One significant part of our sustainability strategy is the people who enable our operations. We want to be a workplace where people know their jobs and want and dare to succeed. We take care of our employees by creating a safe working environment and an atmosphere in which they can develop. Our goal is to create a personal development plan for each person. We want our employees to be able to influence their own work. This is possible, for example, in the bi-annual satisfaction survey.


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Good governance is a part of our sustainability strategy. It is in the company’s interest to maintain stable operations regardless of the unstable global political situation. Our aim is to extend the monitoring of sustainability topics to the supply chain.

Ethical Operations and Governance at Ahola Group


At Ahola Group, we prioritize responsible business practices that encompass legal and ethical aspects in all our operations. Our commitment to ethical conduct is reflected in our governance framework and compliance measures. We have implemented policies and practices to ensure the ethical integrity of our operations.

Ensuring Ethical Business Operations


We established a dedicated Compliance team in 2021 to monitor our adherence to laws and requirements, and to ensure the ongoing ethical nature of our operations. Through internal audits and continuous monitoring, we govern our performance to maintain high ethical standards.

Whistleblowing System


To promote transparency and accountability, we have implemented a whistleblowing system. This system allows stakeholders to anonymously report any concerns regarding ethics, operations, or other critical matters that warrant assessment and resolution. Our compliance function addresses these reports, involving relevant executives for appropriate action. We are pleased to note that no critical concerns were reported through the system during the year 2022.

Ahola Way defines our policies and practices


Our Code of Conduct, known as Ahola Way, defines our policies and practices in the areas of human rights, corruption, and other ethical business concerns. Going through the Ahola Way is part of the orientation of every new employee to ensure they are well informed about our policies, values, and expected conduct.


At Ahola Group, responsible business practices are at the core of our operations. Through our governance framework, internal audits, and ethical policies, we prioritize ethical conduct and compliance with laws. We firmly believe in promoting human rights and fostering fair and competitive business practices.

Ahola Sustainability People
Promoting Responsible Business Practices through Good Governance at Ahola Group
Ethical Operations and Governance at Ahola Group