Ahola reittisuunnittelu

Innovations and Development

For the Ahola Group, it is important to develop and innovate solutions that will allow us to better meet our customers’ demands for cost-effectiveness, fast deliveries and eco-friendly transports.

We use digital innovations and continuously develop our operations as new technological solutions emerge. This way, we can offer our customers high-quality logistics solutions that meet environmental targets. Ahola Group also works hard to ensure that our drivers’ work is easier and safer than ever.

Digital solutions boost traditional logistics

Ahola Group’s goal is to further the development of the entire transportation and logistics sector. This is why we work closely with different authorities, universities and transport equipment manufacturers. Take a look at our co-operation with Scania.


Global digitalisation advances logistics solutions


Increasingly digital logistics solutions provide all kinds of benefits for Ahola Group’s business, and above all for our customers’ benefit. Our goal is to actively plan and implement solutions that guarantee our customers cost-effective logistics in the future, too.


Leveraging digitalisation allows Ahola Group to serve its customers even better. We are able to offer them more real-time, predictable and more easily trackable logistics solutions – transparency from a project’s start to finish. Our digital solutions add speed and reliability to our transports.


Efficient processes through systematic planning


Digitalisation increases the efficiency of processes: transports can be optimised in a number of ways and they can be planned precisely, from the fill rate to emissions. To us, what counts is optimising the competitiveness and cost-efficiency of our customers’ transports. This goal has inspired us to develop the predictive planning and tracking of material flows.

Transports are monitored constantly at the Service Tower, our transport planning control centre.

Working for the environment


We want to develop solutions that improve the eco-efficiency of logistics services. To make this a reality, Ahola Group has created its own Green Wheels programme, which offers a diverse testament to our climate efforts.


We work systematically to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, and to develop the skills of our personnel. To reach these goals, we make use of digital solutions that are geared toward efficient use of our transport capacity. Additionally, we are actively shifting over to more eco-friendly energy choices. 


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