Ahola Group has worked systematically for decades to achieve more eco-efficient logistics. Our Green Wheels programme is an environmental programme based on actions, follow-up and continuous improvement.


We work systematically through our Green Wheels programme to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, and to develop the skills of our personnel. In order to reach our targets, we focus on the efficient use of our transportation capacity, an eco-friendly driving style and climate-friendly energy choices.


Thanks to our dynamic and digital logistics concept, Ahola has effective tools for tracking and developing our eco-efficiency.


The Green Wheels programme consists of four sub-areas: Digitalisation, Competence, Fleet and Energy sources. Through these areas, we managed to reach the EU2030 emission target already in 2019 (Ahola –59% of CO2 emissions*).


*Compared to the official emissions figures for the sector in the reference year 2005. The emissions reduction has been verified by DNV GL Business Assurance Finland Oy Ab on 11 June 2020.


Real-time operations

> Dynamic logistics

> Connectivity

> Digitalisation
> Waste reduction

> Efficiency


> Quality management certificates
> Assistive technology

> Training and coaching

> Driver certification programmes

> Eco-driving


> Modern truck technology

> High loading capacity concepts

> Lower fuel consumption and higher payload

Energy sources

> Alternative energy sources

> Green Kilometers service

> Measurability

> Climate compensation options

> Lower CO2 emissions

We began to pay closer attention to eco-friendly driving habits as far back as in 1998 when we started the Heavy Eco Driving (HED) programme.

We took our next major step in 2002, when Ahola Transport was granted the ISO 14001 certification. At the same time, our environmental programme received its current name, Green Wheels.

Working for eco-friendly logistics


In 2003, we launched the Attracs ERP system, our in-house innovation, to support our dynamic logistics concept. Attracs formed a foundation for Ahola’s digital solutions and is a major part of our current business development. 


Our long-term digitalisation work offers us the tools to measure and reduce our actual emissions. For example, by combining the vehicles’ data and operational data, we are able to plan and report emissions reductions effectively. Efficient transport planning benefits both the environment and the customer.


Ahola offers its customers the optional Green Kilometers service where transports run on renewable biodiesel produced from hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). This fuel is manufactured 100 per cent from renewable raw materials. HVO does not reduce vehicle performance, but it does cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 90%.


If you wish to learn more about Ahola’s Green Wheels programme, get in touch!