Promoting Responsible Business Practices through Good Governance at Ahola Group

Ahola Group is committed to promoting responsible business practices that encompass economic, environmental, and social responsibility. We have defined clear values, policies, and operational guidelines that guide the actions of our employees and partners. As a company, we prioritize similar ethical practices, demonstrable progress, and achievements in our cooperating companies.


Ahola Way: Guiding Principles for Responsible Business


Ahola Way is our compass for working in a responsible and ethical manner. Our values - total responsibility, openness, and respect for the individual - form the foundation of our work and business ethics. To ensure the highest standards, our policies align with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Additionally, we diligently follow national and international legislation and requirements in all our operations.


Transparency and Zero Tolerance for Corruption:


Transparency is a core value that permeates our operations, and we firmly believe that decisions should be made objectively, based on facts, and in the company's best interest. We actively work to avoid conflicts of interest and prioritize open and accountable decision-making processes. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, bribery, and extortion in all their forms.


Materiality Assessments: Identifying Risks and Opportunities:


To ensure our responsible business practices are aligned with the current landscape, each segment within the Ahola Group conducts annual materiality assessments. These assessments help us identify the most relevant risks and opportunities concerning the economic, environmental, and social environments in which we operate.


Focus Areas for Responsible Business in 2023:


As we move forward, Ahola Group has identified specific focus areas for responsible business in 2023. These areas reflect our commitment to sustainable growth, ethical business practices, and compliance with laws and requirements. Our key priorities include:

Ahola Group's commitment to responsible business practices is a cornerstone of our operations. Through the Ahola Way, we prioritize economic, environmental, and social responsibility, while adhering to international standards and legal requirements. We aim to lead by example, promoting good governance, transparency, and ethical conduct.