Low fuel consumption is an environmental deed

Low fuel consumption is an environmental deed

Eco-driving is important when it comes to reducing the emissions from road freight traffic. Ahola Transport has been investing in this since 1998. Today this is done through extensive training and real-time coaching in eco-driving for both suppliers and the company’s own staff.


РIn practice, eco-driving means that the truck and transport equipment is moved with the lowest possible emissions, says Caj Björkskog who works in transport resources and is actively involved in eco-driving training.


– Low emissions are achieved with the help of a low fuel consumption, he continues.


Driving with lower emissions requires anticipation


A smooth speed and minimal stops are the key to an environmentally friendly driving style. At Ahola Transport, each truck has a Green Wheels index meter, in this way each driver can always monitor their own driving behavior in real time.


– Using the Green Wheels index we measure e.g. overspeed, idling, rollout, i.e. how well the speed is decreased without braking , and coasting, i.e. how well a steady speed is kept without having to push the accelerator, says Caj.


– The meter also measures wasted energy. If the driver ends up in a situation where he has to step on the breaks, most likely a situation has arisen 30 seconds earlier where the driver has either made bad decisions or it has been a matter of an emergency, Caj explains.


In order to succeed in environmentally friendly driving, anticipation and proactivity is required of the driver. Therefore, an environmentally friendly and proactive driving style is not only good for the environment but also important for traffic safety.


Good results encourage drivers to drive environmentally friendly


The Green Wheels Index collects data on the driver’s driving behavior and scores the result between zero and one hundred. At Ahola Transport, some drivers have managed to reach close to the perfect result of 100 points.


– A very good example of anticipating and economical driving was set by one of our drivers who managed to drive all the way from Stockholm to Gothenburg, a journey of almost 500 kilometers, without practically having to touch the brakes at all, Caj says.


The Ahola Transport’s Green Wheels index is measured in all trucks running in regular traffic for Ahola. The meter can be installed in all car brands. There are also tricks to further encourage drivers to environmentally friendly driving behavior.


– We have competitions within the company where we reward the drivers who have been driving the most environmentally friendly. We have also for several years participated in international competitions in eco-driving, to our delight we have also achieved good success in these competitions. The drivers also compete among each other and compare their indexes in their groups on social media, says Caj.