Ethical Operations and Governance at Ahola Group

Ethical Operations and Governance at Ahola Group

At Ahola Group, we prioritize responsible business practices that encompass legal and ethical aspects in all our operations. Our commitment to ethical conduct is reflected in our governance framework and compliance measures. We have implemented policies and practices to ensure the ethical integrity of our operations.


Ensuring Ethical Business Operations


We established a dedicated Compliance team in 2021 to monitor our adherence to laws and requirements, and to ensure the ongoing ethical nature of our operations. Through internal audits and continuous monitoring, we govern our performance to maintain high ethical standards.


Whistleblowing System


To promote transparency and accountability, we have implemented a whistleblowing system. This system allows stakeholders to anonymously report any concerns regarding ethics, operations, or other critical matters that warrant assessment and resolution. Our compliance function addresses these reports, involving relevant executives for appropriate action. We are pleased to note that no critical concerns were reported through the system during the year 2022.


Ahola Way defines our policies and practices


Our Code of Conduct, known as Ahola Way, defines our policies and practices in the areas of human rights, corruption, and other ethical business concerns. Going through the Ahola Way is part of the orientation of every new employee to ensure they are well informed about our policies, values, and expected conduct.


At Ahola Group, responsible business practices are at the core of our operations. Through our governance framework, internal audits, and ethical policies, we prioritize ethical conduct and compliance with laws. We firmly believe in promoting human rights and fostering fair and competitive business practices.