Ahola Special has transported Nordec steel structures for many years

Ahola Special’s co-operation with Nordec Oy, a supplier of steel structures, dates back over a decade. We have transported Nordec’s steel structures to worksites for both bridge and construction projects.


NORDEC OY IS one of Ahola Special’s oldest and most important clients. We are very actively involved in their projects right from the planning phase and also consult with them during the pre-planning phase.

Together with Nordec, we plan the most efficient transports for every project. Co-operation with Nordec is easy. They are experts in their industry and we share a deep mutual trust.

Our latest joint projects with Nordec have included, e.g. the Kruunuvuori bridge in Helsinki, for which we transported massive bridge structures, for instance, via Korkeasaari.

Such major transports right in the heart of Helsinki are exceptional, and the project demanded considerable special arrangements on our part. For Nordec, we have also transported large truss structures to Landskrona in southern Sweden and structures for Freyr Battery’s battery production plant in Norway.


Reliable quality


Nordec chooses its partners based not only on price, but also on reliability and the quality of the work. We have convinced Nordec with our expertise for over a decade now. “Our co-operation partners must have strong knowledge of the routes, and they must be able to operate in challenging winter conditions. We also appreciate a modern fleet, which means emissions are low,” states Nordec’s Business Area Manager Aki Viiliäinen.


Nordec also requires its partners to keep to the schedules, and to be able to react quickly to schedule changes. Safety issues must also be under control. “It is important to us that our transport company takes safety matters seriously, meaning they have good personal safety equipment and their load-securing devices are in good condition. On worksites and at production facilities, they must act responsibly and in compliance with the agreed guidelines,” stresses Viiliäinen.


Trust will carry us forward in the future too


Our joint projects have gone smoothly, according to Nordec.

“We have been happy with the co-operation. Ahola has been proactive in matters related to securing beams, for instance, by asking ahead of time about the size of the formwork holes in the bridge beams so that they can obtain the right threaded rods and chain shackles. This means loads have been secured safely, without damage to the paint, which is extremely important to us.

“All in all, Ahola’s strengths have been their flexibility and reliability,” praises Viiliäinen.

Our co-operation with Nordec continues. Transports to Freyr Battery’s battery production plant continue, and new projects are already in the works.

A massive bridge structure on its way to the Kruunuvuori bridge. This time, the beam being transported is 33 metres long and roughly three metres high and weighs as much as 48,400 kg.