About Whistleblowing



Ahola Group’s reporting channel


This is the anonymous whistleblowing channel for Ahola Group.

Our whistleblowing channel is intended for reporting unethical behavior,

suspected misconduct and illegal activity or behavior.


This whistleblowing channel is supported by EasyWhistle Oy,

and all communication is fully anonymous and external from other IT systems.


We treat your report confidential. We may ask you for more information if

necessary and will notice on the progress of your case through this channel.

We automatically remove all metadata from your attachments you send.


You do not have to reveal your identity to us, but you may choose to leave your name

and contact information when making the report.


After the notification, the system will give you a case-specific transaction key,

which will allow you to continue communicating with us.

Retrieve this key securely.


Once the case is resolved, we will retain your report for the period allowed

by law, after which we will anonymize is completely.