Responsibility is taking action

At Ahola Group, responsibility is integrated into everything we do. It is an intrinsic part of our daily choices, in the direction of our development work and in how we take care of both the environment and personnel.


We have chosen a path that improves eco-efficiency as a whole. While digitalisation is key when it comes to improving the efficiency of our transports and reducing emissions, other crucial components of our overall concept include the personnel’s competence, process development, and fleet and energy solutions.

“Up to 75 per cent of our emissions reductions are achieved using digitalisation.”

Hans Ahola, Group CEO

Achieving carbon neutrality is an important step for the transport sector, but our climate actions aim even higher. A transport that does not use up fossil fuels still consumes energy, infrastructure and transport equipment. The most eco-friendly kilometre is one that isn’t driven at all.


By optimising logistics and using resources efficiently, we create a competitive advantage for our customers and ensure even more environmentally friendly transports.


Take a look at the Ahola Green Wheels programme and the digital logistics innovations we have developed.


Reliable employer and partner


We wish to operate responsibly towards our employees, customers and various stakeholders.


Respecting the individual is one of our family business’s values. It is our way of showing that we believe all people are equal. We all have different jobs, but the overall effort is the result of each and everyone’s contribution. Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in their work.


We operate openly and commit to shared actions – as Ahola’s values require. We want our customers to know who handles their logistics flows.


Read about our values and about Ahola as a workplace.